Veterans will increase the size of the pension.

The Committee of the Council of the Federation of Defense and Security at the very end of last year discussed the draft law “On Pension provision of military personnel”. At the meeting, it was emphasized that pensions that are appointed for a service related to health and life should provide military service veterans a decent life. The final answer to this painful question should give a bill.

Now the monthly amount of pension provision of warrant officers and midshipmen, who served in the Armed Forces of 25 years or more, is from 6 to 8 thousand rubles. The reserve officers are no better. The Chairman of the Central Committee of the All-Russian Professional Union of Military Service Oleg Shvedkov admitted that many of them did not exceed 7-8 thousand rubles. In 46% of military pensioners, its size does not reach even an average old -age pension.

Causes concern and gradual deprivation of veterans of the opportunity to use the services of military hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums, cutting benefits, compensation payments and social guarantees. But back in the near 2001, the situation was completely different. If then the average pension of the military exceeded the size of the civilian pension by more than 2 times, then a decade later it became below it. This state of affairs forces many veterans to switch to civilian pension provision. In this regard, the military department last year was forced to return the unclaimed pension funds to the budget through the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the amount of 3 billion rubles. According to veterans, it was impossible to mix in one law pension provision and monetary allowance. They have various legal justifications.

The adoption of the current law on military pensions in 1993 took place in the conditions of an empty treasury, diluted agriculture and non -working industry. Today, the economic, social and political situation in the country has stabilized. One of the options for the bill proposes this, for example, the concept of a pension for a pension: 30% of monetary allowance and 3.5% for each year of service exceeding the established period. And nothing is said about inflation, which amounted to more than 8%. In addition, the officers who will retire after the adoption of the law, and those who are already retired, are in advance in an unequal position, according to the publication, interesting news