Great Britain will tighten control over Internet correspondence

Soon the Great Britain government will submit a bill, which involves toughening control over the actions of citizens on the Internet. This was reported by The Guardian. The document states that representatives of special services and police, as well as detective agencies, will be able to receive various information regarding some aspects of the Internet of the British. For example, information will be available to law enforcement officers about which sites this or that citizen entered. Information will also be available to them about the correspondence by e -mail. However, the content of the letter will not be available. They will be able to see only the addressee and the sender of letters. Moreover, the bill also provides for “surveillance” of telephone conversations of British citizens. But, as in the case of the Internet correspondence, the conversation itself will be unavailable for law enforcement officers. All they can find out is to someone, how much time and when a citizen called. It is assumed that the bill will be submitted on the annual circulation of the queen to the parliament, which is scheduled for May 9. This document caused a lot of disputes. For example, some politicians and experts are concerned about the government’s desire to tighten control. They believe that the document may become a threat of confidentiality, which is aimed at ordinary citizens.