The choice of colors for the decoration of apartments in Cyprus

Of course, bright colors have not been canceled.

But still, the trends of 2023 suggest that there are two clear directions that firmly hold leadership positions:

  1. Monochromacy and attraction to cold light shades. This trend is perfectly realized in apartments in Cyprus, as it gives a feeling of freshness, coolness and freedom – this is great for the local hot climate.
  2. The predominance of brown tones, shaded by the colors of spices or pink powder. This is a warm and cozy combination that can be both calm and bright enough. It is ideal not only for bedrooms, but also for living rooms and kitchens.

In any case, a riot of colors in this fashion trend is not provided, although no one excludes saturation and contrasts. If you are not going to make major repairs, but you are not averse to updating the situation – change the textiles in the room to brown-ochre or brown-powdery. If you have cold shades that do not combine with brown (blue, purple), then focus on the color “aged gold”.

One of the mottos of new trends in interior design is tactility and richness of sensations. All this is possible thanks to the use of textured materials not only in repairs, but also in decoration (upholstery, unusual carpets, fancy textiles, the use of natural raw materials).

This trend is perfectly combined with the eco trend (see above). Natural stone and wood allow in this case to achieve amazing results. Relief plaster, coarse-knit things and pronounced rough surfaces will also be used. The main thing is to achieve the feeling that you have already touched the objects, although you have only looked at them.

If you like correctness and clarity, then you will really like this trend. It offers the use of geometry wherever possible: in furniture lines, wall and ceiling decoration, decor, wallpaper and textile ornament. Individual styles are simply created in order to show geometricity in all its glory – hi-tech, loft, contemporary.

But you can also bring not very many changes to your existing interior. For example, change the lamps or add a couple of paintings with geometric abstraction.

Another interesting trend within the trend is the attraction to arches. Of course, not everyone is ready to undertake major repairs in order to change the shape of windows and doorways. In this case, you can do with a drawing on the walls or buying a buffet of “arched” shape.