In Germany, power will adjust the activities of Google

According to the Spiegel news agency, the Federal Republic of Germany intends to seriously engage in the activities of geographical online services and adjust it. In mid -September, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany intends to hold a meeting on the theme “digitizing cities and lands”, where, in addition to government members, the presence of Microsoft and Google representatives, as well as members of public organizations to protect personal data. Such measures were taken due to the fact that the Public of Germany expressed a wide protest in response to Google’s statement that it was planned to release the German Google Street View, where there will be a complete image of 20 large cities. Residents raised the protest, explaining it by the fact that they would not want to see their homes in the World Wide Web, as this violates their right to inviorate personal life. Until the end of summer, it is planned to introduce changes to the law on data protection, and in the fall to determine the degree of state presence on the Internet.

As a result, Google made concessions. The company has created a special service where every German can write a request to “cover up” his house. The deadline for filing such applications is expired on September 14. Despite this, the Minister of Protection of Consumer Rights Ilsa Ilsa Aigner said that this period was too short and demanded Google to extend it, because many are now on vacation.

The very fact of the organization of “covers” of houses is the initiative of Google; This is not yet adjusted.