Moldova is leaving more and more people every year

The level of wages in Moldova is constantly reduced. Due to the low standard of living every year, the number of people decide to look for happiness in a foreign land increases. They mainly choose two ways – either go to Russia or to Europe.

According to the research of the migration of residents of Moldova, in favor of Russia, mainly men of secondary age without higher education and permanently residing in rural areas make the choice. The main area of ​​activity for 70% of all those who sent to Russia is the construction.

A slightly different picture of citizens leaving for Europe. So, emigrants from 30 to 50 years old go to Portugal and Italy. In the more developed EU countries as France, Germany, England is traveling the younger generation and mainly not to search for work, but to obtain the formation of a European standard. The vast majority want to stay here for permanent residence and do not plan to return to their historical homeland. Those who already had a high level of education before leaving are faced with the need to retrain.

Taking into account these numbers, it is necessary to state the fact that Moldova leaves a large number of people who, unfortunately, having a sufficient level of potential, cannot realize themselves at home. Every year, the outflow of talented youth, who do not see the prospects within their historical homeland, increases.