Mr. President is a friend of all veterans?

“Higher forces never help those who do nothing,” says a well -known quote from Sophocles.

Last week, the whole world enthusiastically discussed the sensational performance of America President Barack Obama. Mr. President announced the liquidation of the World Terrorist Osam Ben Laden. But in any case, glee of death (even the most inveterate villain) is not very ethical.

Therefore, we will better discuss the death of an Arab terrorist, but a living Russian veteran, in whose fate was directly involved in America President Barack Obama.

It all started with a message that on the eve of the Victory Festival (May 9) is 83-year-old war veteran 1941-1945., Anton Antonovich Karavanian wrote and handed Barack Obama. Anton Antonovich writes that in 1945, after he took a fate in the liberation of prisoners of war, he was offered a permanent residence in the United States. At that time, he categorically refused. And now having lived for 66 years in the USSR and 18 years in Russia, the veteran changed his mind.

The fate of the veteran

“Now I live in a rented apartment, which I contain for my pension, and I feel that I do not need the country at all that I fought for,” the veteran’s letter says. – another anniversary of victory in the Second World War is coming, – and I am horrified – every year of veterans there are less and less …. I would really like to know how war veterans live in the USA and whether they have similar problems ..

I understand that my life goes to the finale. And I hope you take my request correctly. Can I use that offer now? Maybe you will take me for a madman, or maybe you will make a miracle. I am 83 years old, but I still have a lot of strength and desire to live, but in my country I do not need. Perhaps your power will help me and facilitate my fate?””.