Israel will be connected to Europe underwater electric cable

Ultrasound Landau, who is the Minister of Energy and Underwater Resources of Israel, instructed to recently begin to implement a project that concerns the laying of the cable between Cyprus and Israel. The length of the cable will be 270 km, while it should run at a depth of 2 km and allow you to connect Israel with the energy network of Europe. True, to implement this project, it will be necessary to lay a cable from Cyprus to Crete. But the consent of the authorities of these countries has already been received on such actions. In the near future it is planned to sign the agreement. The need for electrical conductors is always quite high and grows every year. At the same time, manufacturers themselves form the price of cable and cable products, taking into account the cost of the raw materials from which it is made, as well as other costs. Landau emphasizes that the power supply system will help make the power supply uninterrupted, more reliable, this will also help to abandon the need to build new power plants in Israel. Only the new plans are not pleased with the company Hezt Hashmal, which in this case loses exclusivity, and, accordingly, loses the existing levers of pressure on the authorities. Electricians used to turn off the electricity, if necessary, to require certain applications. When implementing the project, this will become impossible.