How do they treat their family in Cyprus

Most families in Cyprus have many children, and it is rare to meet parents with one child. There is a practical explanation for this: when the third baby is born, the family becomes tax-free.

Therefore, many parents have at least three children. But the abundance of children in families is not only a pure calculation. Cypriots love children! If there is a child in your family, he will bask in the attention and smiles of everyone around. And if he makes a fool of himself, then no one but you will dare to punish him.

Children are groomed and cherished here. Of the classes they have only, mostly, moderate studies and no household duties. Cypriots who are used to working hard tend to protect their children from labor for as long as possible. In a Cypriot family, you can even see how for a son who is already a teenager, mom washes the dishes or cleans the room. In rich families – a housekeeper.

As soon as children grow up and start families, they move out from their parents. Here children do not live together with mom and dad and do not support them. But, despite such orders, Cypriots have a very high attachment to relatives. Families of grown-up children constantly come to their parents, arrange frequent family meetings, celebrate holidays together.

The old people on the island are very active, they play sports and take part in cultural events. Few of them are poor, usually the older generation in Cyprus is well off. Much more financial support is required for young people who are getting on their feet.

Cypriots have very strong family ties, and this is clearly evident in business matters: many businesses are family-owned, and the owners especially try to raise family members. If a Cypriot is a second cousin of the head of the department, then he has a better chance of getting a job than a promising professional who does not belong to this family in any way.