Israel will begin to build a wall on the border with Egypt

On November twenty -second, The Jerusalem Post reported that construction work began in Israel on the construction of a special barrier, which will run along the border with Egypt.

At the same time, another Israeli edition of Gaaret states that construction will occur in several places at the same time, but in which, in the publication it does not specify. Some time ago, the starting points of construction in the media called Rafach and Eilat.

Note that the purpose of this project is to the struggle of the Israeli authorities from the influx of illegal immigrants who are trying to illegally penetrate Egypt into the territory of Israel from some African countries.

So the cost of creating a barrier equipped with electronic systems for tracking, is approximately estimated at 1.35 billion shekels, which is approximately three hundred seventy million American dollars. According to the published “The Jerusalem Post” information, the construction of the wall will take about a year. Earlier, some experts believed that it would take two years to build it. As for the length of the wall, it will be two hundred sixty -six kilometers.

The project for the construction of a border guard wall on the Israeli-Egyptian border was approved by the Israeli government in January of this year. Then, according to the Israeli police, in one month, to the territory of this country, from the south, it penetrated from four hundred to eight hundred illegal immigrants. At the same time, in November, the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that for the current year in Israel the average monthly number of illegal immigrants arriving in the country increased to one thousand hundred people. It is also noted that last year this indicator was three hundred and fifty people a month.

Some time ago, Egypt also began to build a wall bordering the gas sector. Thus, Cairo is trying to suppress the supply of smuggles of weapons to the region that is intended for Palestinian militants. Also, do not forget that in Israel itself this barrier separates the territory of the western coast of Jordan. The construction of this wall began back in 2003. By virtue of this, it became the object of long disputes between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.