From Vietnam to Japan or the journey of the Cuban chancellor

Last weekend Bruno Rodriguez Parrilia, holding the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Cuban Republic, spent in Vietnam. During one of the performances in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi Parrilia expressed his appreciation to the Vietnamese leadership for a warm welcome and noted that relations between his country and Vietnam are still magnificent. The first meeting, which took place at the Cuban Minister on Vietnamese land, occurred with Fan-Win Minem, acting as Minister of Foreign Affairs Vietnam. During the negotiations, diplomats discussed a number of important topics that have great interest for both countries and the whole world as a whole. According to Rodriguez, Vietnam for many years has been a kind of guideline for Cuba in the fight for liberation. The respect and admiration of Cubans is also the determination that Vietnam shows in the process of national development. Kubinsky Minister noted that Hanoi and Havana intend to continue mutually beneficial cooperation in the political, economic and international spheres, and also did not forget to congratulate the Indochinese state for the period of the temporary presidency in Asean (Association of Southeast Asia). Recall that in 2010, it was Vietnam that Vietnam was the honor to lead this influential organization. Also during the meeting, Kubinsky and Vietnamese representatives recalled the upcoming festive date. In 2010, it is planned to organize a grandiose festive program dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between Cuba and Vietnam. Recall that a significant decision was made on December 2, 1960. Fan-Win Min was not the only one who was awarded the attention of the Cuban Chancellor. During his short stay on Vietnamese land, Rodriguez Parrilia also met with Nong Dig Manim, who was the post of Secretary General of the Vietnamese Communist Party, and the country’s president Nguyen Min Trietet. The next destination of the traveling minister will be Japan. It is to the country of the rising sun that Parrille will go in response to an invitation received from his colleague from Japan Katsuii Okada.