Roscosmos will protect the Earth from space threats

The Federal Space Agency sent the Government of the Russian Federation to coordinate the draft federal space program developed for a ten -year period covering the term from 2016 to 2025.

Roscosmos is going to spend 23 billion rubles to develop funds from cosmos facilities that threaten the earth. In order to exclude the possibility of a catastrophic collision with the land of asteroids approaching it, it is planned to create a set of funds providing delivery, as well as the impact on hazardous objects to change their orbits. Such a complex should include papers that are used to remove large “cosmic garbage” from the orbital space of the Earth such as the debris of technology and satellites who failed. The system of control of the system from the Earth and the complex for the development of technologies for counteracting cosmic garbage and asteroids should be supplemented by the orbital segment. Employment programs of measures that increase the safety of space tools and the effect of ground space infrastructure are also planned to be used in the developed program. The project to protect the Earth from threatening objects from space is planned to be developed on the basis of an automated system of the flight control center, which warns about dangerous situations in the near -Earth space. Based on materials: