Russia switches to European standards

In the near future, a special technical regulation for the repair and construction of roads may appear in Russia. The document will be developed according to the European model. The fact is that most officials consider Russian technologies for the construction of roads already very outdated and not relevant. For example, according to the Rules in the Moscow Region, it is necessary to change roads once every three years, while European technologies allow you to restructure roads no more than once every 50 years. On the other hand, the transition to European standards can lead to an increase in the costs of road construction, on average, according to experts, the budget will have to spend 15 percent more financial funds on construction work. Various officials expressed their opinion on the current situation on the roads. For example, Oleg Nilov, a member of the Duma Transport Committee believes that the requirements for the quality of Russian roads should be maximum. I would like to note that the cost of roads in the same China or Europe is even lower, and the quality is higher. Nilov said that it is better to call foreign companies as a correction of the situation on the roads. At the same time, deputy Alexander Vasiliev believes that the construction of roads in Russia is still being carried out according to the standards of the Soviet Union and this provision is fundamentally changed. But before accepting European standards, it should be borne in mind that in Russia there are slightly different conditions for the operation of roads, as well as numerous highways under them have laid communications. The cost of European roads, according to some experts, is very high and exceeds the cost of an adron collider. For example, if you lay a car tunnel near Moscow – a river, then the cost of work will cost a budget of $ 667 million, and each kilometer of a collider will cost $ 370 million. It is assumed that it is assumed to find financial resources for the construction of roads by new technologies by increasing fines for violation of traffic rules, as well as by increasing prices for some brands of gasoline. In general, investments in the construction of roads in Moscow need to be raised by almost $ 30 billion.