Euromaidan-2013. Linden posters for tyrant.

I have one observation about rallies. Now I will share with you. Maybe of course this is a banality, but the truth consists of such nuances.

In general, look … Over the past 10 years, I had a chance to see a lot of rallies and protests. All sorts of moves, marches, revolutions and simple strikes. And I realized that artificially organized protests prevail. This can be seen by fake posters.

Showed some march of the people where about 2-3 thousand people are going on. And all have posters and banners of the same style. Cloths, font, slogan style. Everything is the same. Naturally, this is a sharpened movement organized by someone. Printed, distributed, paid and forward. Fortunately, this falls apart immediately as the money ends.

But true folk protests – different. Remember the shots flying around the whole world, where people protest against the war in Vietnam under the White House? People took pieces of cotton, planks, cardboard and all that you can write on. Applied their demands and go in a circle.

Here are the rallies that people drive people for money:

What we see? The slogans, posters, banners distributed by the party. Everything for money, everything was printed in advance and party functionaries handed it to everyone who wished to come to support the Party of Regions for 50-100 hryvnias. People themselves without knowing it, they are cheaply selling their country. Then they are not raised by salaries, squeeze the business, crush from all sides. And all for these 50-100 hryvnias that they once took to support the Party of Regions, selling them their souls and lives.

Each of the paid rallants is a person who surrendered his country for a penny!

By the way, if the mechanism is broken, then repairing the locks of a metal door will help urgently fix all the nuances. It is worth contacting specialists who will help restore the acceptable level of the safety of the premises. Times are difficult, protection will never hurt.

What is the difference between Euromaidan-2013? Why Ukrainian and even Russian authorities are afraid of the success of people? Why is this truly popular will? For here people came themselves, without paying. They fight for their rights, defend their country.

Remember how many times Yatsenyuk tried to raise the country? They didn’t follow him! And now the situation is completely different. Ukrainians, patriots of their country, are for Ukraine! Not for party members, opposition or other forces! They went out to defend their country!