The European Commission forgave France the deportation of the gypsies

The DW-World news agency reports that the European Commission will not apply sanctions against France for the fact that it has held mass deportation of visiting gypsies.

According to the explanation of Vivian Reading, a specialist in the European Commission on Justice, the French government fulfilled all the requirements presented by Brussels. So, in particular, the French government promised to revise the national policy of the led by it.

Recall that some time ago, the Reading subjected Paris to be strictly criticized for the masses of the gypsy population, who came to France from Bulgaria and Romania, which today like France-member countries of the European Union.

In addition, left -wing parties and movements opposed the deportation of immigrants, as well as those of human rights organizations that considered the deportation of the gypsies by the manifestation of racism and xenophobia. Also, in the actions of the French authorities, many saw a direct violation of the rights to choose a place of residence to choose the place of residence of the EU citizens.

So it was previously reported that the French authorities subjected only those gypsies who, despite the status of EU citizens, did not have legal right to permanent residence in this country. In addition, funds to the road to the gypsies were allocated from the budget of France. It is also known that each of the expelled gypsies “for the first time” received several hundred euros.

Many gypsies questioned the effectiveness of the Paris pursuance of politics. So, some of them, before departure to their homeland, stated that after a while they were going to return to Western Europe, since in Bulgaria and Romania they will expect both a beggarly existence and a discriminating attitude from the inhabitants of these countries.

The actions of the French government to deport the gypsies resulted in clashes of the police and immigrants living in one of the many illegal tabors, in which, as a rule, gypsies settle upon arrival in France. It has also been repeatedly noted that the inhabitants of the settlements, which are located with such a camp, often complained about not compliance with the visiting gypsies of French laws.