Rhododendron festival in Danidine

Annual festival that celebrates the onset of spring.

The Festival of Rhododendrons in Danidine has an established story. The festival is very popular among local residents and guests of the city. Back in 1984, weekly celebrations began in the Botanical Garden “Rhododendron Dell”, which was recognized as one of the most significant plantings in the world of rhododendrons. Today the garden covers 15 acres of land, where more than 3,500 rhododendrons consisting of 178 species and more than 200 hybrids grow.

Not only for the grandmother’s garden!

All this time, the festival has been actively developing and is now a real holiday of spring, including events and events for all ages and interests. Events are mainly focused on flowers, food, wine, art, fashion and much more.

Who does not like to listen to music in the sun? or tasting wine in the castle?

Regular measures within the framework of the festival include measures held by the famous gourmet Danidine Judith Cullen, tasting wines in the Larnach castle, in the garden, in Glenfalloch. In the botanical gardens Danidin, a popular day of rhododendrons, where plants are sold, passes. Well, where without food and entertainment? This good is also enough here.

Who is the gardener?

For those who are more interested in educational aspects, a specialized series of seminars is held. More than 25 open gardens are also located here, accessible to visiting during the festival for those who want to create their own garden tour.


The festival is held annually in October. Do not forget that, traveling, you need to be in excellent physical shape to withstand prolonged loads. The Fitness club will help you with this, which you can easily choose, depending on your place of residence and sports preferences.