Cuban ballet master sharply condemned the Antikubin campaign of Europe and the USA

Fernando Alonso, the master of the Cuban ballet, sharply condemned the Antikuban media campaign, unleashed by Europe and the United States of America, calling it “counterattack of the empire against Cuba”, caused by a growing movement in support of the Great Revolution in Latin America. According to Alonso, Cuba can safely be considered the standard for the entire world community in how you can work in a peaceful conditions. Perhaps this is what all countries of the world should strive for. Alonso assured Alonso as one of the founders of the ballet school of Cuba that he will continue to continue his intense teaching activities in order to prepare new dancers, who will subsequently become the basis of the National Cuban Ballet. Ballet, which can be safely called one of the best fruits of the revolution.

And for Alonso and for Ramona de Saa, who is the director of the National Ballet School, deployed by the media, is another example of the hostile policy of the American government and their allies or, in other words, the next attempt to “take Cuba for the sight”.In her speech, Ramon de Saa said that she was very painful to see how the truth about her native country is silent today. However, according to her, those who were still lucky to visit Cuba and find out the truth about our great revolution, those who accepted its principles and appreciated its honesty and uncompromisingness are interested in the exchange of knowledge and experience.On March 16, representatives of the Association named after the Sais brothers and the Union of Cuban writers and artists turned to their colleagues, who live both on the island and beyond, calling for their efforts to contain the campaign against Cuba.