Merkel accused Schroeder of accepting Greece to the European Union

The head of the German government, Angela Merkel, criticized Gerhard Schroeder, accusing him of consent to accept Greece in the European Union, reports the Bloomberg news agency.

The German Chancellor in its election speech in Rendsburg stated that the responsibility for the entry of Greece in the eurozone in 2001 lies with the Social Democrat Schreder. According to Merkel, the result of this erroneous solution is the economic difficulties experienced by the European Union in the past few years.

Criticism of Angel Merkel addressed to Gerhard Schroeder’s reaction to the public speeches of the current leader of the Social Democratic Party – pen of Steinbryuk. He blames Merkel in intentional underestimation of loyal financial assistance of Greece during the crises of 2009-2012. During this period, the European Union and its main “donor”, ​​which are Germany, were transferred to Athens more than two hundred billion euros. Greece also supported the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

Greece received was not enough. The recession of the state economy continues for the sixth year in a row, and the unemployment rate in the country is close to thirty percent. The Central Bank of Germany believes that Athens need additional financial injections, which will again lead to the direct participation of Berlin as a leading European donor.

The latest societies say that the Social Democrats who created a coalition with small left-wing parties lose in popularity the Angels Merkel and its allies. Steinbryuk held the post of Minister of Finance of Germany in the period from 2005 to 2009. Schroeder was the head of the German Government in 1998-2005, when a part of states to a pan-European currency was transferred to the European Union.