International Union of Architects

In the report, the President of the Creative Union drew attention to the fact that the country, and with it, domestic architecture survived a very difficult period. This congress takes place at a special time – at the turn of the two millennia. That is why the exhibition was conceived and timed to the congress, at which we wanted to show how we look today in comparison with the achievements of our predecessors that created the appearance of the Russia that we are rightfully proud of, and which is recognized in the world as a country of great culture and science.

Speaking of the work done, the President of the Creative Union recalled that during the reporting period a whole series of draft by -laws was prepared that develop legislation on architectural activities in Russia. A lot was made in creative terms – a number of creative and international conferences, meetings at the “round table”, discussions are evidenced about this. The union paid the most serious attention to the preparation of architects, close creative interaction with the International Union of Architects. And finally, it was possible to win the difficult “war” for the property of the SA of Russia – the Sukhanovo estate, other houses of creativity.

The recovery of many different commercial real estate in Ivanovo was also especially noted. Many organizations were allocated that actively took part in this. After all, these objects, in addition to the commercial load, also carry an aesthetic load and improve the appearance of the city itself.

The activities of the International Union of Architects, as well as the need to preserve cultural diversity in architectural activity were spoke in his speech by MSA President Vasilis Sigutas.

– We, the International Union of Architects, should testify what titanic efforts Russian architects make to preserve the creative spirit that architecture formed in many parts of your country, ”said the President of the MSA. – And we know that countries that have strong architectural traditions better resist the invasion of foreign styles.

The effect of unregulated architectural development can completely destroy the spirit of the cultural achievements of each country. Therefore, the MSA will support all the ideas and actions that will be necessary for the development of the culture and architecture of your country.