How to profitably exchange currency in Cyprus

Currency exchange in any tourist city has several features: it is necessary to change money only in official bank branches, and not from individuals; specify what percentage is charged for services, because it can change in different places.

It is recommended before departure to make sure that all the necessary amount for the rest was transferred to euros. If during your stay in the country it turns out that there is not enough money, and only rubles are available, then it will be difficult to exchange them, because they will either be accepted at an unfavorable rate, or they will not be accepted.

The first exchange office is located right at the airport, but there is no need to hurry to change money there, the euro exchange rate will differ from the rate in the city itself. There is no shortage of bank branches on the island, they are in large hotels, shopping malls, post offices and tourist bureaus. Opening hours of the bank branch: from 8 am to 14:30 on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday — weekends. Exchange offices are open until 20.00 or around the clock.

When exchanging currency, it is recommended to make sure that the amount is issued in small bills, for example, 20 and 50. Bills of 200 or 500 euros will be difficult to change in the future.

If there is a need for an exchange with a private person, then it should be borne in mind that such operations sometimes end up with fake bills being slipped to the tourist. Do not take 50 and 100 euro banknotes without their preliminary inspection.

Tax-free refund

Tourists shopping in Cyprus can get back 15% of the value of the goods in the form of a tax refund. The amount spent in one store must be more than 50 euros.

To do this, it is necessary at the airport, already at customs, to provide all receipts and purchases in factory packages. If the purchased goods are luxury items (jewelry, expensive brands of alcohol, etc.), then the refund can be up to 21% of the cost.

You can use the tax refund system only if you do not have citizenship of other countries included in the Schengen agreement.