Question to the audience

I want to ask you, Panov. Do you think that it prevents Ukraine from becoming what is usually called the Great Power?

Some historians are sure: the main problem of Ukraine is that the whole world once took up arms against a mighty Arian state, invented the date of Baptism of Russia and divert all truthful documents in secret archives in Moscow and the Vatican. Well, or destroyed – with the help of the German spy of the Angalt Tserbst, you know this?

I am skeptical of the “Da Vinci code” and his clones, but now I am interested in something else. Let me be extremely immodest. Here is my son. He does not throw papers past the urn. Obscene in public places does not cover. Apriori respects people – until they themselves come across disrespect. And somehow he grew up without the realization that we, the great and glorious, were offended, and deprived of the past. Moreover – he loves Ukraine and is going to stay here and work. I think it’s good to work, and I really hope to live well.

In no case do I want to say that you need to forget the story and be “Golimi onuccals of the Golden Tamerlana”. But maybe enough to chew on their grievances several hundred years ago? Let’s recall that ten years the entrance did not whiten, that there is no one to go from a neighboring apartment for bread, that in the orphanage, orphanages are waiting for mom and dad. Let’s live a little today. Suddenly it will work out?