Restoration of the child’s body after illness and taking antibiotics

Each child sooner or later faces an infection that ordinary drugs cannot cope with. In this case, doctors prescribe antibiotics, which, on the one hand, help to kill the infection, thereby treat, on the other hand, they have a negative effect on the body, destroying and beneficial intestinal microorganisms. As a result, the child against the background of recovery has weakness and malaise, which requires measures aimed at restoring the body after illness.

Restoring a child after an illness and taking antibiotics will be the more effective, the more you take care of the intestinal microflora. Despite the fact that this is a very laborious process, but the need for its performance is extremely great. So, the restoration of the body after illness can be divided into three stages:

In order to effectively stimulate the intestines, it is necessary to exclude from the diet or minimize the consumption of a number of products: buns, white bread, flour products. It is best to replace them with bran.

The restoration of the child after the disease involves the destruction of all microbes that are present in the intestines. This can be done using apples, garlic and onions. You can drink green tea, but do not overdo it like this, so this drink stimulates the nervous system of the child. It is best to drink decoctions of chamomile or St. John’s wort.

Restoring the body after illness at the third stage involves saturation of the body with dairy products enriched with bifidobacteria. The most correct option for their consumption is in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening immediately before going to bed. Many mothers buy special yogurts home for making delicious and healthy yogurt at home. Thus, you can be sure that the baby receives a natural and high -quality product that is really aimed at restoring the child after illness.

Many experts recommend not forgetting about vitamin complexes that can be purchased at any pharmacy or preparing vitamin mixtures at home by combining kuraga, raisins, figs, prunes, nuts, honey and lemon in equal proportions.