In Lviv, more than 50 buses did not reach routes. There will be more further

More than 50 buses today, January 17, in Lviv did not reach city routes in protest against the failure by the authorities of the requirements of carriers, who seek to raise the cost of fare in minibuses up to 2 UAH 50 kopecks.

According to Andrei Korchinsky, chairman of the Association of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, the bus drivers began to gather in the Galician intersection from seven in the morning and continue to arrive. “The authorities have not yet turned to the translator, but there is pressure on the leaders of the routes, they, in turn, call the carriers and ask them to return to the routes,” Korchinsky said. However, the chairman of the trade union added, the carriers had just held a meeting and decided to strike until the authorities approved the tariff, “which makes it possible to travel on routes and maintain buses in proper technical condition”.

Buses from most city routes of Lviv are striking, some have one car, others sent several. There are such carriers who have not joined the strike. Andrei Korchinsky assured that not a single Lviv route has yet left without cars, because people still need to ride. And if the authorities do not accept the new tariff for transportation until Friday, Lviv is threatened to leave at all without bus intercom.

Recall that Lviv carriers demand from the Lviv city council to approve the tariff for travel in city minibuses in the amount of 2 UAH 50 kopecks. After a meeting with carriers held in the town hall, the authorities proposed approving a tariff of 2 hryvnias. However, on Friday, January 14, during a meeting of the Executive Committee of the LGS, the consideration of this issue was postponed. According to carriers, even the tariff of 2 hryvnias is no longer relevant and they will not even be able to support their cars in proper technical condition.

First Deputy City Chairman of Lviv, Oleg Syeshtka, said that the tariff of 2 hryvnia is now agreed by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, and “although such a fare is too high for the population and too low for carriers, this is the decision of the antimonopoly committee. The issue of the tariff will be considered at the next executive committee “. Now the fare in minibuses in Lviv is 1 UAH 75 kopecks.