Characteristics of the design of houses in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island of love, sun and endless summer. Many people move here for a quiet and happy life.

Large-scale construction of both apartment buildings and cozy private cottages is underway on the island. But it is not enough just to buy or renovate your home — it is important to remember not only about functionality and convenience, but also about its aesthetic component.

A person always wants to have more good things around him. This creates a cozy and pleasant home atmosphere. Therefore, when starting repairs in your own home, you need to be aware of interior design trends and contact only professionals, such as the interior design studio in Cyprus A.K. Studio.

Color trends

Now naturalness and lightness in everything are in fashion. This also applies to colors. In autumn and winter, you want warmth and comfort, so it’s better to choose a gentle, warm palette of colors for the interior.

Such shades are popular in design today:

  • peach;
  • muted dark green and olive;
  • sand;
  • shades of wood;
  • muted blue and sapphire;
  • bordeaux and wine;
  • light pink and the like.

Choose neutral colors that can be combined with two or three others. You can also develop a monochrome design with details of brighter colors. For example, light gray shades go well with any other.

If you want to experiment, you can look at a contrasting palette, for example, a combination of coral and turquoise tones. In a black and white interior, you need to pay attention to every detail so that the design is not overloaded. After all, too bright colors can create a feeling of fatigue and discomfort.

If you were planning to design an apartment according to your taste and style, feel free to choose an individual palette. The main thing is to create a design that will appeal to you, because this is the comfort.