Aero-room zone in Kyiv will be blocked in the very two of the year

The Town Planning Forum of the main city corresponded to the project of modification of the motor transport interchange at the aerial zone. Its sale will begin through a certain number of satellites, why you have to block the movement of the car one hundred percent. In this place, approximately on the very explosion of the year. The urban builders concluded that the Aero -Power Zone General lost its importance as the position of the Kiev expedition and reincarnated into a problematic car knot, which became the main root cause of traffic jams on the hem. In the draft Moscow budget for the trace. G. 87 million UAH has already been foreseen at first. In total, for the sake of reform, 350 million UAH need. In info bosses of the University “Kievdormostproekt” Vlad. Vorobyova, developers abandoned the previously planned pedestrian passages, storage of the location of historical objects and tried to re -profile and easily dilute motor vehicles. Here as here they mean a traffic light together. High passes on fresh esclanade. For the sake of this, the dunce of the existing mound adjacent to the structure of the river airport terminal, on which McDonald’s now corresponds (they still intend to steal). At our level, at the embroidery of Obraztsovo 7 amphibrahia, they will renew the recent section of the road longitudin after the six hundred amphibrahia. Tutelka in Tutelka on it will be addressed to the flood of the same movement from ul. Out of the Khreshniki on Khreshchatyk.The 2nd level is destined for the sake of the left turning movement-on Borichev Stream, Vladimir slope and further. As scientific studies formulated, exactly 60% of the motor vehicle now follow in this orientation. The tram line will become destroyed, the monument to the sailors of the Dnieper armada on the embankment will be moved, and the traffic of road transport will be developed by two levels. The theater of the river air terminal will be reproduced, and the access roads to it will be. In active order. Today the construction building A. Pashenko designs the design of the hotels at the site of the river airportway, which will load the 1st tier, but in a multi-storey superstructure there will be a hotel and entertainment institutions. According to the council of the Moscow authorities, in the underground parts, under the Esplanade, they intend to build an underground state parking for 400 automobile.