Transaero served almost four hundred thousand tourists during the New Year and Christmas holidays

The preliminary results of their New Year transportation were summed up by the Russian Airline Transaero. For holidays, her planes flew in 141 directions, completed more than 2400 flights and transported 395 thousand passengers. The number of customers of the company by twenty -three percent exceeded last year’s indicator of the carrier for the same period.

One of the best flight companies in Russia and the whole world, Transaero is constantly growing and developing. The New Year’s flight program this year included flights from nineteen cities of the Russian Federation, including from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The airlines flew up immediately from the stripes of three metropolitan airports – Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo, which is also a kind of record.

Not without new products. On the holidays, Transaero launched recently open flights from the Russian capital to the Dominican Republic to the Puerto Plato resort, Yamaika and the Thai resort of Krasi.

And recently, the carrier has entered the Safety Safety List of the sixty largest world airlines. According to this rating, which has been drawn up since 1973, Transaero took the sixteenth place around the world and the sixth in Europe. The Russian company left far behind many airlines, which for a long time occupied leading positions.