Modern interior styles in Cyprus

Usually a room in a certain style is very cool. In modern apartments, you can often find a mixture of different styles, but here you have to be careful not to harm.

The modern design of the apartment can be made in such styles:

  • loft — exposed brick walls, wires and hoods, warm colors;
  • provence — pastel shades, floral prints (the style came from French towns);
  • minimalism — a monochrome palette of two or three shades, a minimum of furniture and decor;
  • classic — a lot of jewelry and expensive furniture, gold elements are often added (the style includes details of antique architecture);
  • hi-tech — material furniture design, cool and monochrome shades, often functional details;
  • Scandinavian style — natural and eco-friendly materials, light colors, a combination of comfort and simple decor elements;
  • ethnic style and the like.

And remember that the apartment has the most harmonious look, in which all the rooms are decorated in the same style.

Functionality and environmental friendliness are in fashion, so pay attention to modular furniture. Its peculiarity is its easy transformation and versatility. You can easily turn an armchair into a sofa, which will affect the overall impression.

Complement the room with an unusual thing: an interesting ottoman, a designer table, an armchair and the like. One small detail can make a room more bright and cozy.

Naturalness is also relevant in materials. Leather, fur, floral or animalistic prints, interesting patterns and the like look better.