Trends in interior design for Cypriot apartments

Today, few people look at fashion as a direct indication to action. Designers and fashion houses do not dictate the rules.

Rather, they give useful recommendations. Therefore, treat our collection as a piggy bank of trends.

New trends in interior design in 2023 are interesting and diverse, so you will definitely like some of the ideas. It is especially useful to read this article for those who have been thinking about repairs and changing the situation for a long time. Now is the time to do it!

1. Self-expression through interior details

The attitude to the situation inside the apartment or house has changed recently. If earlier attention was paid to only 2 factors – functionality and beauty – now the list of requirements for the interior has expanded. Today, like clothes, it should primarily reflect the character, temperament and lifestyle of its owners.

Therefore, the scheme “I like this interior, I will choose it” is a thing of the past. It is replaced by “this interior suits me”. Accordingly, each detail of the situation carries not only a functional, but also a semantic load.

Some bold ideas turn the rooms into a real gallery that shows the values of the life of each particular family. These can be both decorative elements and whole structures. For example, a family with several children can move the play area from the nursery to the living room and not worry that guests will be surprised by the mess. The philosophy of life and its convenience – first of all.

This trend also allows you to shift the focus of importance and priorities. For example, if some 10 years ago you would never have hung a hand-embroidered painting in the living room because it “does not fit the style”, then today you will do it with pride. And if the sofa and the picture do not harmonize – feel free to change the sofa.

2. Attraction to ivf

The whole planet is getting closer and closer to conscious consumption. This advancement cannot but affect the applied side of life. The design of the apartment is no exception.
There are two interesting directions that perfectly get along in eco-philosophy:

  1. Abundance of natural materials.
  2. The use of recycled materials.
  3. Moreover, both directions can be successfully combined in the same interior. The main thing is a conscious approach to what will happen AFTER this furniture / wallpaper / textiles cease to serve you.

By the way: this trend implies a long and productive service of all things in the house. So, when making repairs in accordance with the eco philosophy, be prepared for the fact that it will last you at least ten years.
Eco-direction also expresses a closer connection with nature. Therefore, it is reasonable that raw or minimally processed materials are used – wood, stone, and other natural textures.

Eco–friendly furniture is actively used in the Art Nouveau style – made of recycled materials or printed on a 3D printer. It can be either individual chairs or a whole kitchen set.