Interesting ideas for interiors in Cyprus

In the interior of the 2020 style, where bright colors do not please the eye, the use of various textures looks very advantageous.

They add expressiveness and emphasize the purity of the palette.

Such attractive elements can be knitted blankets and blankets, carpets with long pile, decorative textile draperies or curtains with a large number of folds. Fringe, brushes, volume embroidery — all these are wonderful tools to compensate for the lack of contrast in the color scheme.

Metal Accessories

The use of metals in the interior is a trend of the last few years, and in 2020 it will also be relevant. Copper and brass, silver plating, gold-plated or black-painted metal elements look advantageous against a background of neutral colors. No less interesting is the combination of several metals in one design.

Combination of ornaments

The calm colors of the neutral palette are a wonderful background for using materials with ornaments. Curtains, carpets, upholstered furniture upholstery or wallpaper with an interesting pattern will greatly enliven a design devoid of bright flashes. It is worth remembering that it is better to use an odd number of ornaments: three, five, etc.

Remember about the balance

The ideal interior is a balanced and harmonious combination of all the elements in the room. Of course, you need to think about decorating the interior, but you should take care that the room does not turn into a motley misunderstanding. Therefore, bright accessories need a fairly neutral background. In a minimalist interior, this role is most often the floor or walls.

Finding the focal point

One of the rules for creating interior design is the presence of a compositional center, the so-called focal point. It is she who attracts attention in the first minute when a person enters the room. The interior in neutral colors is no exception.

Of course, you can have your own opinion about how best to equip the room within the trends of 2020. But compliance with these simple rules will help turn even a very laconic interior into a room with an elegant design.