The Ministry of Revenue and Collection of Ukraine proposes to introduce universal income declaration

The Ministry of income and fees is going to submit a draft law in parliament in the coming months, which will oblige all Ukrainian citizens to declare its income without fail.

Alexander Klimenko, head of the Tax Ministry of Tax believes that such a measure will reduce the rate of a single social contribution. Many experts believe that this approach will only positively affect the wage fund and the banking segment, since it will allow citizens to get more free access to loans, including the purchase of real estate, car or to credit cards online.

Mandatory declaration of income will be the main compensatory mechanism, which will make it possible to reduce the burden on the wage fund, and will also allow order to restore the salaries in envelopes, the tax authorities say.

Today, from the wage fund has to pay large taxes, which is holding back the development of business. It is time for Ukraine to switch to the legal wages of its citizens, as Europe has long done.

The removal of salaries from the shadow will make it possible to ensure all mandatory payments to the state budget. Experts believe that this proposal will be difficult to implement, so the authorities need to carry out massive explanatory work with entrepreneurs, employees and ordinary citizens about the need for a similar measure in the near future. The transition to the mandatory declaration of income should be smooth, gradual, so that citizens gradually form a tax culture and discipline.

Recall that the Ministry of income and fees for several months “reminded” the citizens of the country receiving funds from their relatives working abroad, that taxes in the amount of 15-17% need to pay taxes from these receipts.But labor migrants with the action of this law categorically disagree. Many experts think that these taxes will not be paid, they will go into the shadow.

In addition, these 5-6 billion. dollars coming annually, support the purchasing power of business and families. This is the most applies to Western Ukraine, where industry is poorly developed. Only money of labor migrants help residents of these regions maintain households and pay for children’s education.