Omsk City Council proposes to liquidate the Department of Housing Policy

Elena Breer, Vice-mayor Omsk, during a meeting of the municipal parliament, spoke about the expansion of the powers of the housing policy department. She proposed to transfer the right to transfer a housing stock of urban real estate to the unit in non -residential. This procedure today is not an innovation and is well familiar to the inhabitants of Omsk. The need to transfer from residential to non -residential arises when the owner makes a redevelopment of the apartment in order to use it as a trading facility, beauty salon, etc. P. To date, by the way, this is one of the most common ways to invest cash. The deputies did not support the proposal of the vice-mayor, but put forward the oncoming, entirely opposite: to eliminate the department in principle. The effectiveness of his work has not been doubtful, and the efficiency of about 60 staffing specialists, according to one of the deputies of Yuri Fedotov, would be much higher as part of a different structure.“The Department of Housing Policy costs us at 30 million rubles,” Fedotov emphasized. – He collects 15 million and spends about 5 million on himself. I propose to consider an alternative option – to eliminate this department and attach it to the Real Estate Department “.

The proposal also responded to some colleagues Yuri Fedotov, as a result of which the city hall will consider the issue of changing the structure of the city administration again.