Civil marriage – for and against

Modern youth is in no hurry to formally formalize their relations, many couples begin a life together not with a stamp in a passport, but from living together under one roof, that is, from the so -called civil marriage. Women who agree to a civil marriage often say that this was their initiative, that they do not need a registry office and a magnificent wedding at all, but most likely it is not true. Every woman is looking for stability in life and, especially in the family and relationships. In order not to lose a loved one, we agree to a lot, including joint accommodation without obligations. But is it so right. Of course, you decide, for few parents will like that their daughter, not being married, lives with a man, but the parents of the guys, on the contrary, advocate a civil marriage. Indeed, this is very convenient for a man, but for a woman, co -living without conditions and obligations is a big risk. In our country, a man is the main earner in the family, it so happened historically, some women can argue with this statement, but most likely they will be in the minority. Civil marriage does not give a woman any guarantees. Very often, young people begin to live together, test their relationships for strength, the girl is pregnant, hoping for a long and happy life together, and the man suddenly understands that he was hurrying, that he was not yet ready for marriage, and even more so for the child. Young people part, and the girl remains with a small child, a meager allowance and the absolute absence of the right to divide the property. This situation is by no means uncommon in our time, because for men a bed is not the last instance yet. There are knights who get married on a pregnant chosen one, but what good will turn out from the marriage to which the man was actually forced, but nothing, you will have to forget about a peaceful life. If relations do not develop into marriage, then conflicts, misunderstanding arise more and more often. Psychologists say that official spouses quarrel less often over the years, but those who live in a civil marriage on the contrary. A woman who is unhappy with the status of a mistress will provoke conflicts even without visible reasons, such an alliance will not be happy. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, but think about whether you need it specifically, weigh the pros and cons of and choose your life path.