The reconstruction of strategic objects will begin in Kaliningrad

The construction of congresses from the second flyover in Kaliningrad is no longer around the corner: it will begin this year. In addition to him, a large -scale reconstruction of the street on April 9 is planned in the city. On the finish direct construction work will be released by next year. Strategic in essence, the objects have been prepared a special mission to improve the transport scheme of the settlement. As the governor of the region Nikolai Tsukanov said, the changes in the guise of the city are due to the 2018 football championship. The process of grand cosmetic repair of the street on April 9 is now in the preparation of design estimates. Upon completion of paperwork, contractors are expected to rent a crane of a manipulator for construction work, as well as the purchase of the necessary materials. Over 495 million rubles are planned for the reconstruction of this facility, and the construction of congresses from the overpass is estimated in an amount that exceeds one billion. Note, according to the assurances of the Kaliningrad head of Alexander Yaroshuk, finances for the completion of work on the second flyover were laid in the federal budget in the spring. The local vertical hopes to get them no later than this year, in order to quickly begin construction. And then you can proceed to the implementation of the project on the reconstruction of the street on April 9, designed for two years.