New mechanisms for the distribution of Rosreter reserves are being developed

Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development were actively engaged in the development of effective mechanisms for distribution of Rosrezerva reserves. To date, discussions of the relativity of the transfer of part of the reserves directly to the regional authorities or through exchange mechanisms are underway.

Each option has its supporters and opponents. To date, the distribution of goods by the regional authorities is a more effective and preferred mechanism, since in this case, contrary to the laws of the market, the cheaper goods will not go to the external market, but will be delivered directly to the population.

As for the use of exchange mechanisms that experts give preference, today the relevant legislative framework is not yet provided, which allows for optimal conditions for closed exchange trading.

The mechanism for applying the resources of the state reserve in the form of commodity intervention, proposed at the end of last year, is also being finalized.

So far, these options are in the stage of discussion, the deputy minister for the economic development of Russia in his statement noted that it is not supposed to regularly distribute the reserves of the Rosterrev, and the mechanisms are developed only in case of emergency situations when there is a threat of the welfare of Russians.