In France in the BMW office, the unknown captured hostages

On November 8, the Agency France-Presse news agency reports that in France the BMW automobile company is located twenty-four kilometers west of Paris, a certain armed man hid in the building and captured hostages. The incident happened in the Montini-le-Brethomonian commune. Referring to the Eureope 1 radio station, Le Figaro writes that the man armed with a shotgun was previously an employee of the company. According to preliminary data, he had two people hostage – an employee of the sales department and secretary.

It is also reported that the man made two shots from the shotgun into the air and tried to set fire to the office.

Nothing is known about the motives of the criminal. There is no information about whether he has already put forward any demand or not. According to the latest data, a special police officer “RAID” has already arrived at the place of the incident.