52 billion did not give up for the construction of perinatal centers in the regions

Budget subsidies allocated for the modernization of the medical sphere reached the addressees only partially. The auditors were missing about 52 billion intended for the construction of perinatal centers in the regions.

About 52.6 billion rubles intended for the construction of perinatal centers in the Russian regions, the addressees did not receive. This fact was confirmed by an audit of the Accounts Chamber, in the circle of interests of which the efficient use of budget subsidies aimed at modernizing the medical sphere. The auditors were missing over 4,000 names of medical equipment, which was never purchased. They did not reach the addressee and the plate-roting vacuum pumps, and they could be used in the construction of new health facilities. The acquired medical equipment, however, was not allowed into circulation, but sent out of sight – to the warehouse. In most cases, it is either not used at all, or gathering dust off for months idle. But the number of ambulance crews grew, the inspectors note. But even in this “barrel of honey” there were no noise of tar. In fact, the third part of the brigades is not staffed according to standard requirements, and the acute shortage of doctors today is calculated as many as thousands. The fact that doctors could not find the use of the resulting equipment, for example, neonatal intensive care incubators, is also depressing. They are steamed with artificial ventilation devices for babies idle idle, and at that time children were dying in the stuffy chambers. So, in Bashkiria alone, the mortality of newborns over the past five -year plan increased by 9.1%. The reason for this is the Union of Pediatricians of Russia calls medical events.