A chemical plant caught fire in eastern China

The Sinhua news agency reports that on the morning of October twentieth in the eastern part of China, a strong fire began on one of the chemical plants located in the city of Nanjing.

At this time, there is no reliable information about the possible consequences of the fire, the number of wounded and dead is also not specified.

According to witnesses, a pillar of black smoke rises above the plant, in addition, the sounds of explosions are also periodically heard here.

Emergency cars arrived at the scene. It is also unknown how much the fire will affect the environment.

Note that the last large accident in the world that occurred at the chemical plant was the leak of red slim in Hungary, which occurred on the fifth of October. Then, due to the damaged tank containing the poisonous waste remaining after the processing of clay, an area of ​​forty square kilometers was flooded, which entailed an urgent evacuation of several settlements. It was also reported that eight people became victims of red slim, and dozens of more chemical burns were.