What is plasmolifting and their technologies

At Plasmolifting World, specialists are focused on developing methods and tools to accelerate the recovery and healing of cells and tissues.

Starting its scientific and practical activities with the study of the therapeutic properties of autologous blood plasma, the company has developed its own approach to the treatment of platelet-rich plasma and related therapeutic protocols. PRP Courses are used in aesthetic medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, urology, dentistry, gynecology and other areas of medicine. In addition, the company has determined the characteristics of the equipment and consumables needed to ensure optimal treatment results.

Plasmolifting World is founded and managed by Renat Akhmerov, PhD, PhD, author of over 75 scientific papers and holder of several patents in the field of biotechnology. He has created a comprehensive set of simple and effective PRP techniques integrated into Plasmolifting PRP technology and made them available to all practitioners through his online PRP academy.

The methods used are effective, simple, inexpensive, safe, and allow increasing the concentration of platelets and other blood plasma components both in the test tube and in body tissues. Here you will receive answers to all your questions regarding the practical aspects of the use of autologous blood plasma.

Plasmolifting World is an innovative healthcare company founded and managed by PhD Renat Akhmerov, the developer of Plasmolifting technology. The company offers various services integrated under the name “Plasmolifting Technology”, develops an original and innovative paradigm of PRP therapy. The company’s specialists also offer unique comprehensive training programs that can significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment. Specialists share their experience, findings and achievements with partners. Medical workers are constantly provided with assistance and support, allowing them to quickly improve their skills.

The recommended tubes ensure the safety of a unique method, as they meet all specifications set by the technology developers and all regulatory requirements for medical devices. However, they are only one of the many elements of the effectiveness of the Plasmolifting procedure.