PRP-tubes for plasmolifting: where to buy

Plasma is a liquid component of blood. As a rule, the donor version is infused into the patient intravenously with the help of injection injections.

This is done most often to make up for lost volumes or as a replacement therapy. In fact, the scope of this approach is quite wide.

There are many different trading platforms on the Internet where you can buy the appropriate products for the treatment of PRP and consumables. It is recommended to pay attention to such a product as Tubes PRP, which can be purchased at reasonable prices in Dr.Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies store. It also sells modern and multifunctional serums, laboratory equipment, consumables and relevant literature.

The main advantages of the order

The choice in favor of high-quality and certified products for plasmolifting in this online store is explained by the presence of the following indisputable advantages:

  • a rich range of high-quality products for various manipulations in the field of plasmolifting;
  • Italian production;
  • delivery is carried out quite quickly and throughout the world;
  • each client is assigned a personal manager who accompanies the order at all its stages, answers questions and promptly informs about various favorable offers, discounts and promotions.

Payment and delivery

As for the issues of payment and delivery directly, there is nothing complicated here. The final cost should be calculated based on the current DHL tariffs. However, there are some peculiarities here:

  • if delivery to third countries is required, the customer will have to pay an additional fee in the specified amount;
  • before placing an order, it is strongly recommended to check in advance the conditions of transportation in force in those states where delivery is planned;
  • a specific date is usually indicated by time, for example, in Germany it will take two to three days;
  • if we are talking about conditions operating abroad, then the period increases to five to seven days;
  • when making an advance payment, the delivery period begins to count from the next day after the receipt of funds to the store’s settlement account.

In the case when several orders with different departure dates are made, the company tries to combine them into a single delivery, unless otherwise provided by a separate agreement between the parties.