Responsibilities of a nanny living with a child’s family in Cyprus

Finding a nanny to live in a family is a responsible step. This woman becomes a fairly close person for the child, and it is important to find a person who loves this profession, because you will have to spend a lot of time with the ward.

An experienced nanny in Cyprus on the has a certain range of duties that she needs to cope with on a daily basis. When looking for this specialist, the most common requirements of parents are:

  • constant presence with the child. He must be constantly under the supervision of a nanny;
  • cooking for the baby according to a menu prepared in advance by the parents (or nutritionist);
  • Accompanying the ward to a kindergarten or school, and then to events of an out-of-school developmental nature (sports sections, art schools, etc.);
  • cleaning the child’s room, washing dishes after him after eating;
  • daily care of the ward, including hygiene procedures, feeding, walking in the fresh air;
  • Carrying out interesting and informative leisure;
  • Help with preparing and doing homework.

This is far from the full range of babysitting duties. Depending on the state of health of the child, some parents express their desire to hire a specialist with a medical education.

Categories of nannies for a child that can be found in Cyprus

The main duty of the bonna is to find a common language with the ward and form trusting relationships. This is due to the joint pastime, during which she becomes for the baby both mom and dad, and best friend.

By contacting agencies in Cyprus, you can find the following categories of nannies:

  • babysitter for infants. She should know well how to properly care for a newborn. Engage in feeding, ensuring safety, carrying out daily hygiene procedures. In this case, some parents wish to have a specialist with a medical background;
  • Nanny for a child from one to three years old. The duties of such a nanny include the development of the child, assistance in understanding the world around and intellectual development due to age;
  • the governess. This is a nanny for a child whose age ranges from 3 to 12 years. Here, a teacher education may be required, since her duties include helping to prepare for lessons, doing homework and gaining solid knowledge in subjects.

The choice is made on the basis of the wishes of the future employer. It is possible to conclude a contract for 3 months, six months and a year with one day off per week.