Transbaikalia wants to take the Chinese for rent

The Trans -Baikal Territory of the Government wants to sign an agreement with Zhezzyan of the UNIVERSENTALLY OF SINSBADA investment company about the intention to realize a cooperative project in the field of agriculture. Within the framework of Chinese investors, it is planned to transfer 115 thousand hectares of agricultural land for development in long -term lease for a period of 49 years and vacant for 4 years the Mogoituisky Industrial Park as a base, reports by IA.

According to the still did not sign the protocol about intent, these lands should be unused arable land and pastures. In the Nerchinsk-Zavodskaya, Ulatowska and Sicinska districts, 10 thousand hectares of cereal and feed crops, pig farming, livestock and agricultural production are planned to develop 10 thousand hectares. In the Sretensky district, you want to learn Chinese 35 thousand hectares of reservoir land, and in Mogogetuyuy – 50 thousand. GA pastures. Apart from that, it is planned to use the Mogoituisky Industrial District.

– recognizable Chinese auto brands began exports from Russian Federation to tree in order to make up for a fall in the sales of Karov – Megaproekt for the distribution of Russian 1 ha of land will begin in the autumn in all regions of the distant east

The Chinese are going to invest them in investment of 3 billion yuan, or 24 billion rubles, which will be a joint Russian-Chinese companies aimed at intra-regional and international markets, including China. The investor plans to raise fodder, grain, oil and other crops and pharmaceutical herbs for medicinal, industrial livestock, poultry farming, livestock farming.

Implementation of the 1st step-2015-2018 years. In the case of a splash at the second step since 2019, the investor expects to continue the development of projects in the already mastered areas and will expand in the rest – for these purposes, earthen areas will be ready to provide 200 thousand hectares.

It is expected that the document from the Russian side will be signed by the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of the regional government Alexei Shemetov with Chinese-CEO of Hoya Sinbad »Xu Ssangchu. But, as the regional authorities stated, it is expected that the project will develop only with the consent of the population, which officials hope to receive by ear.