The economy of Ukraine is replenished by sales of electronics and household appliances

The budget of Ukraine is actively replenished by sales of electronics and household appliances, experts say. The growth of sales, although less than in the previous year, is still quite significant. In Ukrainian online stores, as in Russian stores, it is the most asked goods that remain for everyday life. Ukrainian stores offer their customers a lot of useful goods of various orientations – from household appliances to bedding. One of the most popular goods in the segment of bedding are blankets. For example, buying a blanket Kyiv offers many local online stores, and at a very reasonable cost. From January to March of this year, the sales market increased by 2.4%, if we compare this indicator with the same period last year. The market was estimated at 11 billion hryvnias. Due to the obvious devaluation of the hryvnia, the difference in prices allows us to evaluate the ongoing dynamics of segments and various commodity categories. Each store of household appliances and electronics to one degree or another remained in demand by certain customers, primarily for the reason that it is convenient for residents to purchase goods in the immediate vicinity of home or order them with delivery than to go to a specialized store, where prices will be slightly higher. In the electronics market, the leader is a communication segment, approximately 81% of sales falls on smartphones, but sales of mobile phones fell by about a third. Similar statistics were noted by Ukrainian mobile operators who registered 13 million smartphones in the networks in 3 months. In general, for 2013, the number of smartphones in the country has grown almost 2 times. Analysts are sure: in the second quarter of this year, an increase in the number of sales of smartphones, although not as obvious as last year. Due to financial difficulties, citizens are inclined in favor of acquiring cheaper equipment, but they are not going to abandon it at all. As for household appliances, the most actively Ukrainians are buying up the popular bread makers and multicooks currently. And at this time in South Korea, LG created a special chat for household appliances, with which the owner will be able to give each device any command at a distance.