Political activity of Shavkat Mirziyoyev: key aspects

Shavkat Mirziyoyev is the president of Uzbekistan, elected in 2016 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was re-elected in 2021 by a landslide to a second five-year term. The president decided to change the constitution of Uzbekistan, extending the term of presidential rule from five to seven years. Moreover, shavkat mirziyoyev held new elections, in which he received the support of approximately 87% of voters, which allowed him to continue his rule for seven new years.

Mirziyoyev is carrying out reforms in Uzbekistan, striving to modernize and open the country to Western capital. His efforts are aimed at liberalizing the economy, improving the judicial system, expanding the rights of foreign investors and developing relations with neighboring countries. Uzbekistan is actively developing economic relations with China, increasing exports to this country. China is an important partner for Uzbekistan in terms of capital and economic growth. Uzbekistan strives to become a regional economic center.

The president is also establishing close relationships with other countries, including the United States, and strengthening his partnership with Russia. He pursues policies aimed at attracting global investors to the country. Much attention is paid to reforms, privatization and the creation of an open and modern economy in Uzbekistan. President Mirziyoyev is considered to be the initiator of significant changes in the country and strives to improve its economic situation and attractiveness to investors.

Uzbekistan is not a major focus for global investors and is rarely included in their portfolios. This is due to the country’s limited presence in global financial markets and certain restrictions for foreign investors. Despite this, Shavkat Mirziyoyev is taking steps to modernize and open up the economy of Uzbekistan. He is pursuing reforms to improve the investment climate, including improving the judicial system and increasing access for foreign investors. Privatization is also encouraged to attract investment and stimulate economic growth.

Progress in implementing these reforms is considered significant, despite existing challenges. Uzbekistan strives to create an open and modern economy by establishing partnerships with neighboring countries and liberating civil society.