For another 20 years there will be no mass production of “active houses”

The first “active house” was built in Russia. Whether a new era of domestic housing construction began? Unfortunately no. Real estate market experts admitted that the future was behind such houses, but they questioned the arise of demand for them in the future for the next two decades: while in Russia, energy resources are too cheap to be overpayed to save them.

The first “Active House” in Russia was built 20 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Borovsky or Kyiv highway and is located on the territory of the suburbs “Western Valley”. A similar project appeared in the country’s country’s market for the first time, and its technologies are more progressive, representatives of the developer company say: “Country Project”.

In the area, the house is 230 square meters, it also has equipping energy conservation technologies and the Smart House system, and the house of natural light is 10 times increased in the house and the like.

It is noteworthy to find out about the cost of construction: the words of Alexei Artoshin, PR of the director of the company “Zagorodny Project”, 37.5 million rubles were spent on it (taking into account the decoration and land). There is one comparable proposal for a similar price in suburban real estate. This is a “castle” with a pool, which is located on Pyatnitsky Highway and has an area of ​​840 square meters, it is sold for 38.3 million rubles.

In addition, Alexei Artoshin said that this is a non -profit and experimental project: “Issue will not be carried out in the circulation of the house. So talk about payback or cost per square meter in this case is incorrect. In the future, our company planned to try this given technology in the mass market, but now we are only talking about testing this “active house” ”.