Which tubes to choose for plasmolifting

Plasmolifting is a relatively new direction in aesthetic medicine. The essence of this procedure is to inject the patient with enriched plasma obtained from his own blood. To obtain plasma, blood is taken from the patient and placed in special PRP tubes.

These are special products containing a special gel that performs the functions of an anticoagulant. Thus, all valuable substances are stored in test tubes. To obtain platelet-rich plasma, test tubes are placed in a special centrifuge, where the blood is stratified into separate fractions. For plasmolifting, the middle layer is necessary, as it contains the largest number of platelets. The quality of PRP tubes is particularly demanding. PRP-R?hrchen test tubes from Dr. Akhmerov are a unique patented product that is actively used during PRP procedures in clinics around the world.

Features of PRP tubes

The plasmolifting procedure is actively used not only in aesthetic medicine. Today, this technique is increasingly being used in surgery and therapeutic medicine. The unique patented plasmolifting procedure of Dr. Akhmerov not only does not harm the body, but also helps to combat various complications after surgery, and also allows to significantly increase the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment.

The use of clear, carefully verified treatment protocols, as well as the use of PRP tubes that have passed all the necessary tests, create all the conditions for achieving a stable positive result of treatment.

The main advantages of Dr. Akhmerov’s PRP tubes include the following factors:

  1. The test tubes contain high quality sodium citrate. This substance has been approved for infusion therapy. It does not provoke rejection and the development of an allergic reaction in patients.
  2. The presence of thixotropic gel in test tubes facilitates the separation of plasma with platelets from the bulk of blood during centrifugation. The substance is absolutely chemically neutral. It does not react with other components and retains its properties unchanged. Thus, a layer of plasma enriched with live platelets forms above the gel.
  3. The presence of a vacuum system in the design of test tubes provides reliable protection of the doctor and the patient from the possibility of infection during the collection of biomaterial.