Ozzi Osbourne canceled a concert in Germany due to back pain

The Musicradar publication reports that due to the injury to Ozzi Osbourne, the former vocalist of the famous rock band Black Sabbath, had to cancel a solo concert in Germany.

Recall that yesterday a 61-year-old rock performer should be a performance in the German Oberhausen. It was supposed to go as part of a tour, aimed in supporting its new studio album called Scream. Note that a little earlier this program has already been presented in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

According to Tommy Ceatos, the drummer accompanying Ozzi Osborn of the group, the last few weeks of the “prince of darkness” have tormented severe back pain, and shortly before the German concert they became so unbearable that Osborne had to contact the doctors for help. They actually recommended the singer to devote several days to rest.

At this time, there is still no information regarding what exactly the concert in Oberhausen will be transferred to. At the same time, it must be taken into account that on September 18, Ozzi Osbourne should (according to plan) have a concert in the London Hall “O2 Arena”. Whether it will be canceled and has not yet been reported.