The ferry rammed the pier in Seattle Bay

The American television channel KOMO reports that in the bay of the City of Washington, a river tram crashed into the city of Seattle into the pier.

The ferry followed from the Western district of the city to its center, deviated from its route, which is why it was raised by the Elliot Pierce No. 50. As a result of the collision, seven passengers were seriously injured, and another person fell overboard, but soon the rescuers managed to get it out of cold water.

From a powerful blow, the ship was literally frightened, which led to the fact that dozens of passengers were blocked. In order to rescue the injured people, the rescuers needed an hour and a half.

Local media notes that they managed to avoid serious victims due to the fact that the ship’s captain managed to take timely actions. So, when the ferry approaches the pier, he warned people on board about the imminent clash, and also asked them to grab the handrails tightly.

At this time, the reasons for what happened have not yet been clarified. However, according to preliminary information, there is an assumption that a certain technical malfunction was the reason for the deviation from the course.

The local press notes that there were seventy-eight people on board this ferry, most of whom were fans of one of the local American football teams called Seattle Sikhox, who were in a hurry for the upcoming match against the San Diego Charders team.

In conclusion, we note that the Pierce No. 50 built in 1920, into which the river tram crashed, is in the list of the National Register of Historical Places of the United States of America. As a result of the accident, he received severe damage. Now local authorities are trying to establish damage from the accident.