From the old patriarchal-sensual to the production and economic model of the family. Part 1.

From the practice and history of Russia, former Soviet people and their children know that the family should:

one.Consist of two people who gathered together in order to keep love. Incomplete family is not decent.

2.A marriage between a man and a woman is only for love and fidelity.

3.Children should appear in the family as sensual value, they expand the sphere of love. One child is quite enough for this feeling.

four.The material maintenance of the family depends on the method of participation of the husband in public production and the hierarchy of the public structure, t. e. From his work outside the house. Any private production and economy, except for rural areas, was strictly persecuted by law.

5.The head of the family should be the husband in order to give orders, which meant managing. And the real manager of the family, that is, the executor of orders regarding her material and monetary resources is the wife.

The old form of the family-patriarchal-sensory-turns into a different form only when an additional income occurs in the family, blocking the satisfaction of the main needs that preserve the life of the family in a stable state. As a result, the costs of the need for food, clothes, health, housing, and education are growing. The expansion of costs of social forms of leisure begins. But most importantly, there is a need to record this additional income and its distribution on personal needs and the need for capital accumulation. The latter becomes decisive. As a result, the family turned into a production and economic structure at first of its material basis – either hired work or their business.

Particularly large changes occur with love, which, from the main condition and purpose of the bonding of the family, concluding marriage and raising beloved children in the past, is now turning into the necessary factor in the effective reproduction of the material wealth of the family, as well as the new human capital – children. Love becomes precisely a factor in the production of material wealth in the family. Love holds the relationship between spouses, makes them partners in business and in feelings.