Traditional life in Cyprus and its features

Many perceive Cypriots as Greeks who live far from the capital. Indeed, they speak Greek, and there are Greek features in their appearance.

Cyprus and Greece have common traditions, holidays and superstitions. But the Cypriots are an independent and independent people, whose representatives will not be thrilled if you call them Greeks.

Their mentality is similar to the European one, and Russians, as a rule, easily find a common language with them. We even have a similar humor with the Cypriots, so with a high degree of probability you will be able to find “one wave” with a resident of Cyprus.

You can see a real Cypriot only in an informal setting. His behavior during work, when he is happy for absolutely everyone and gives everyone a charming smile, is part of the tourist lifestyle. But Cypriots are really very kind and hospitable, and social ties for them are the most important thing, more important than money. Therefore, having made friends with a Cypriot, you become a friend for all his acquaintances and for the family. If you plan to live on the island, then get to know the Cypriots, establish contacts. This way you will get a much faster and easier job in this country.

One of the features of the Cypriots, which is alien and incomprehensible to many, is “sega–sega”. This is the name of their state of slowness and regularity, unwillingness to hurry anywhere and uncertainty in the timing. The meaning of this behavior: why run, because you need to enjoy life. “Sega-sega” really interferes with the conduct of business: you can not wait for tomorrow’s documents even the day after tomorrow or wait for half an hour for a Cypriot, who (according to him) is already coming. In most cases, this Cypriot mood does not cause serious inconvenience, and foreigners living in Cyprus for a long time gradually get used to it and then do not notice.

Cypriots and Cypriots

Patriarchy reigns in Cyprus, and the position of men is higher than that of women. Of course, there is no severe infringement of women’s rights, but at the level of the distribution of responsibilities and traditions, the difference between women and men is visible. The man is the head, he is always right. But he is also responsible for the family, protects it and provides for it. Cypriots have very high family values, so men are faithful to their wives, even despite the abundance of visiting foreign European tourists.

Women in Cyprus, as a rule, are engaged in farming and raising children, while men work in the tourism or banking sector. Of course, among the fair sex there are those who are building a career, but, usually, they do not occupy high positions – all the best places belong to men. Cypriots are not so quick to get in touch, but when they start to trust, they open up very much and become good friends – they appreciate female friendship.

Women dress modestly, and the entrance to some entertainment establishments is still closed for them. The feminist movement, which is very actively developing in Europe, has not reached this country. The younger generation of Cypriot girls prefer a bright make-up and look quite attractive. And also, both men and women take care of their appearance and play sports.