All Chilean miners are raised to the surface

In Chile, an operation to rise to the surface of thirty -three miners who stayed underground for sixty -nine days was completed. The last of the miners raised to the surface was the fifty -year -old shift chief – Luis Ursua. It is noted that it was thanks to his efforts that the miners were able to hold out underground for so long.

The final stage of the rescue operation, which was broadcast live around the world, began on the night of October thirteenth in local time. The first miner, whom rescuers raised to the surface in a specially developed rescue capsule was a thirty -year -old Florence Avalos. So, according to the CNN service, which on its website set the time meter, the final stage of the rescue operation continued for twenty -two hours thirty -five minutes.

The sequence of raising miners to the surface was set in advance. At the top of the rescued miners, their families, doctors, as well as representatives of the Chilean authorities, among whom were the president of the country with his wife met at the top of. We also note that the high-quality production of buildings for your individual orders is carried out by the Metal-Service enterprise.

Recall that a group of miners was walled up at the San Jose Mine on August Fifth. For a long time there was no information about their fate. Rescuers were able to establish a connection with them only on the twenty -second of August. Through a specially broken hole, food, water and some medications were supplied to the mine. In addition, bilateral video communication was also installed.

According to the initial calculations of the leadership of the rescue operation, the lift of miners to the surface should have taken place no earlier than the end of December. However, in the process it turned out that the course of work on the drilling of a special pit, through which a special rescue capsule should pass, was carried out with a significant advance of the schedule. Thus, all preparations for the operation were completed on the ninth of October. During the next four days, rescuers carried out the installation and testing of the capsule, after which the final part of the operation began.