All you need to know about payments in country villages

Potential buyers of suburban real estate are often asked about the value of utility bills in the cottage village: after all, spending on the purchase of one household can not be limited – it will require maintenance costs, and many are afraid that for the family budget this will be invoice. Let’s try to tell what payments the homeowner will have to spend money on the city.

Pay for what?

Director of Real Estate Zemer Consulting spoke about the types of payments & Development Ekaterina Orlova. Payments can be divided into three parts. Firstly, the owners will have to fork out for consumed resources with supplier organizations. It is clear that their size will depend on the volume of consumption, usually this applies to electricity and gas. If the village does not have its own water supply and sewage system, a line will appear in the receipt of obligations to providing these services by a third -party resource -supplying organization. Of course, in this case, payments can constantly increase – there is no tight control for these resources, such as electricity. Secondly, owners oblige to pay for construction and repair work, for example, asphalt canvas. The amount of the contribution to these needs is set by the residents of the village at the general meeting. The third part includes payments for operation. The amount is determined based on the composition of the services, however, which ones, the general meeting of residents also decides. Perhaps this is the most expensive part in the receipt for services. Typically, residents have to fork out round -the -clock protection, services of duty electricians and plumber, cleaning of territories, including sites, recreation areas, beaches and park zones, coverage of the territory, removal and disposal of garbage, etc. D. and t. P. Do not forget that the owner makes an annual one -time payment for real estate tax – both for land and for buildings. This is a certain percentage of the cadastral value of the object.

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